About Us


Butterfli Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to helping children reach their full potential by tackling the cause of poverty. Poverty plays a big role in the lives of children in the United States and the Caribbean, in part because it keeps them from attending school. Since 2002, we have worked to help each and every child explore and experience life to the fullest.

When parents struggle to make ends meet and find the resources to send their children to school, Butterfli Wings steps in. We provide assistance to children who want to attend school but are challenged by their circumstances. Throughout the year, we assist children with school supplies, scholarships for the needy, money for uniforms, personal care items, along with foot wears. We build play grounds& lunch rooms for schools, provide books for school libraries, computers, and printers. Our “Coming Home” festivities in the month of December each year is held in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies and “Fashion Fabulosity” Charity Event in New York, where we provide all kinds of school supplies, personal hygiene items, foot wears, as well as plaques and trophies for children who have met their academical goals, shows respect and good manners and great behavior all in an effort to motivate and encourage them. Our intention is to reiterate the importance of education, good manners, respect and behavior and to show the importance of fulfilling goals and accomplishment.

By giving to Butterfli Wings, you give directly to children who are in desperate need of educational assistance in the United States and the Caribbean. We provide you with updates on the children and their schools, and what we are doing to assist them. Most importantly, you’ll receive the satisfaction of knowing that you made an incredible difference in a child’s life. Your support of our work shows these children that they can count on us to provide the things they need to get their education and become the citizens of tomorrow.

There are angles with Butterfli Wings around us in each and every community. They could be teachers, neighbors, pastors, family, friends or even strangers in the midst. Won’t we be an angel too and help give them a chance to get ahead.